Around the World with the Pocket Socket

When a customer buys one of our generators, they could have a wide variety of uses in mind. Due to their portable, versatile design and universal compatibility, our hand crank generators can go with you anywhere in the world – and they have.

Where customers have gone with the K-TOR® Pocket Socket is indeed amazing. From Safari’s in Africa to multi-year Peace Corps assignments in remote areas, this generator has been tested and tried in extreme environments.  Expedition’s have used the Pocket Socket in remote areas including the Himalayas of Nepal and the Amazon region in South America.  It is also in use on many long range hikes, including those currently on the Pacific Crest Trail. One team even brought one on a sailing trip around the world!

Our products are in use by civilians and military personnel all over the world in all kinds of environments. With so many people, in so many places, using the same product for so many different things, it’s hard to justify not having your own Pocket Socket.

If you have an interesting story about when or where you used your Pocket Socket, be sure to share it with us on Twitter and Facebook.  If you have a picture even better! We would love to share your experiences with others to inform them of the various uses for our generators.

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