Two Reasons to Buy a K-TOR Generator

Being portable, lightweight and versatile, our generators work in many different scenarios. To better understand just how useful these generators truly are, consider their two primary uses:

Emergency/Backup Power (On-Grid)

We never expect the power to go out, sometimes it just does. Severe weather, natural disaster, and service equipment failure are just a few of the reasons the power may go out.  Most of the electronic devices we use today (phones, tablets, radios, flashlights, gps, etc.) can be powered by a K-TOR generator. Next time the power goes out, don’t be in the dark.

Primary Power Source (Off-Grid)

Whether you are heading off-grid for an afternoon, day trip, weekend camp or a full on expedition, K-TOR generators provide vital access to power once off-grid.  Many times we leave the grid and don’t realize it. A car breakdown in the wrong place can leave a person stranded with nothing but their cell phone battery to rely on. The Pocket Socket is small, light, and portable enough to store in a glove box, emergency kit, under a seat – almost anywhere!

Customer feedback including interactions on our Twitter and Facebook pages let us know what people are using our products for and what they think of our generators. We’d love for you to tweet us or comment on the Facebook page, let us know what you might or already have used a K-TOR generator for.  Next week we’ll highlight two additional uses for our generators, stay tuned!

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