Essential Emergency Preparedness Items Powered by K-TOR Generators

This post is the first in a series that will highlight the wide range of gadgets and electronic devices that are compatible with our generators.  Each post will be centered around a theme, activity, or situation in which one of our generators would be useful. Since last week was National Emergency Preparedness Week in Canada, we thought it appropriate to center our first compatible devices spotlight around the topic of Emergency Preparedness.

Emergency Preparedness Week is a national awareness campaign that has taken place annually since 1996.   It includes various emergency management organizations coming together to educate and encourage people to take steps to become better prepared to face a range of emergencies.

A lot of people talk about prepping and what you should bring in your ‘bug-out’ bag (a bag that holds everything you need for a 72 hour period).  Some talk about bringing spare batteries, but we see that as a lot of dead weight.  Assuming your batteries are rechargeable, K-TOR portable generators eliminate the need for spares batteries.  Our hand crank generator weighs just 14 oz. which is equivalent in weight to 2 D cell batteries and will produce energy as long as you live.

Below are a few products that are both compatible with our chargers and portable enough to fit in your bug-out bag.

Canon Powershot D10 IS

In an emergency situation, a camera might not be the first thing you reach for but it is certainly a valuable asset for recording once in a lifetime events.  The Canon Powershot D10 IS features a waterproof, weatherproof (14 – 104˚F) and shockproof case on top of all of the traditional features you’d expect from a point and shoot digital camera. The optional accessory kit includes a neoprene case and lanyards that attach to the camera to keep it attached to it’s user.  Bottom line: this camera won’t bug out when the going gets tough.

Delorme inReach for Android

A next generation backcountry communication system, the Delorme inReach for Android can help you stay in touch with friends, loved ones, and emergency responders in an emergency situation.  Regardless of where you are, this device tracks you and keeps you in contact with the rest of the world.  This video by Delorme does a good job explaining the capabilities of this product.  Lightweight, small and energy efficient, no one should head off-grid without one.

Petzl Tikka XP®² CORE

The Petzl Tikka XP®² Core is our idea of the perfect lighting solution. Featuring five lighting modes, two beam modes, and a rechargable battery this light is versatile and high tech.  Petzl even made their own operating system whose software optimizes light output and battery life. Neat stuff!

Grundig Mini 400 Radio

When the grid goes down and most of the networks we usually communicate on go down with it, radio frequencies powered by backup generators will be a primary means of communications.  This mini radio by Grundig picks up AM/FM and most importantly shortwave radio frequencies.  National and International shortwave broadcasts as well as signals transmitted by HAM radio operators would likely be a key source of information during a disaster. Rechargeable batteries sold separately.

What devices would you want to charge in an emergency situation?  Let us know on twitter or facebook, we’d love to hear from you!

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