K-TOR Exhibits at Vermont Welcome Center on I-91N

During the month of April, K-TOR® products and technology will be featured in a display case in the Guilford Welcome Center (located on I-91 North as travelers enter Vermont). The K-TOR® exhibit will feature K-TOR® products and technologies, highlighting this company’s role in the alternative energy industry.

The Guildford Welcome Center is the main entry point in the state of Vermont and is the busiest facility in visitation. In 2011, the facility saw over 630,000 visitors. Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Guildford Welcome Center features a free Wi-Fi hotspot and was recently awarded by the Travel industry of America for its community development and marketing exhibits.

A Vermont company, K-TOR® is proud to be featured in one of the Guildford Welcome Center’s marketing exhibits.  If you are traveling on I-91 North this month you can stop by and see our exhibit.

For more information on the Guilford Welcome Center, visit http://bgs.vermont.gov/information_centers/guilford

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