K-TOR Generators Educate and Motivate

Our recent blog posts have had the common theme of discussing various uses for the Pocket Socket. Today we continue that discussion by highlighting two uses for our generators that are not as heavily discussed or marketed – educational and medical.

Educational uses for the Pocket Socket include hands-on learning about electricity and energy efficiency. There are a variety of different demonstrations that can done in the classroom or lab by students of all ages which teach about electricity generation and energy efficiency.  Additionally, our generators can be used to help students with science and engineering projects.  We posted up an example of one such project earlier this summer when we highlighted the Sprocket Socket project.

Medical applications for the Pocket Socket include use in physical therapy and as a power supply for medical devices. We have heard from patients undergoing physical therapy that integrating our hand crank generator into their exercise routine can provide extra motivation, inspiration and drive. The action of generating energy and helping the environment provides additional incentive to rehabilitate for these patients.  Other customers have brought the Pocket Socket on hiking and camping trips to provide backup power to their medical devices should they run low.  Multiple customers have reported success using the Pocket Socket as a backup power source for their CPAP machine, an effective treatment for patients with certain types of sleep disorders.

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