K-TOR Power Box Nears Production Status

Last Friday we visited our manufacturer in Anaheim, SI Manufacturing, to review the production status of our soon to be released pedal power generator.  We built a sample production unit and discussed ways to streamline and optimize the assembly process as we look towards giving the green light for assembly.

Before the Power Box goes into production we have to complete our long term testing and do a final review. If all goes well this week we may be able to give the go ahead for production next week.

As we establish a manufacturing rate and build inventories we’ll be that much closer to an official release date. In a couple months we expect to have enough inventory built up to start selling on our website.

If you’re on our email/waiting list you’ll receive an email the day before the Power Box goes up for sale. We’ll post on our blog and social media accounts the day the Power Box officially goes up for sale. If you have not already contacted us and would like to cover our products in the media, please contact us.

We’re making great progress, thanks for all the support from our fans and followers!

Top view of the Power Box in Generator Mode

Side view of the Power Box in Generator Mode

A closeup view of the universal outlet on the Power Box
In Storage Mode, the Power Box and it’s components neatly fold up and fasten together

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