K-TOR Releases Power Box Pedal Power Generator

The K-TOR Power Box pedal power generator is now available for purchase online at k-tor.com.  After extensive testing and product development, K-TOR has finalized the production version of the Power Box pedal power generator and has begun assembling production units.

The first portable generator of its kind, the K-TOR Power Box delivers 20 watts of electricity at 120 volts DC.  This revolutionary product provides access to electricity in any environment or situation. Designed for continuous operation, the K-TOR Power Box can directly charge almost any modern electronic device. The Power Box can also be used to charge 12 volt batteries. Many devices can be driven directly off of 12 volt batteries or an inverter can be hooked to a 12 volt battery to provide 120 volt ac and run a wide range of devices.  Such batteries are a great store of energy and can be used to power larger appliances which cannot run directly off of the Power Box.

Folded up in storage mode, the generator weighs less than five pounds and is smaller than a shoe box.  In a few quick steps the generator is converted from storage mode to generator mode.  In generator mode, power is delivered via a universal outlet, simply plug in a compatible electronic device and start pedaling (90 rpm maximizes power output and efficiency).

For more information visit the K-TOR Power Box product page.

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