K-TOR Reveals First Production Prototype of Power Box Pedal Power Generator

Demand and anticipation for our portable pedal power generator, the Power Box, has been mounting steadily since we released pre-production prototype images in a blog post at the end of February.  Since then we’ve been hard at work finalizing the product with some final tweaks and adjustments that will enhance the overall value of this pedal power generator.

For the last couple of weeks we’ve been receiving production parts in the mail and have started to assemble and test the first production prototype.  At the end of February we said we thought the Power Box would weigh in at under five pounds.  We are pleased to say our current production prototype weighs less than four pounds!  For travelers and adventurers this is a significant savings in weight.

Although this unit is a production prototype, is it still a prototype.  We are still waiting on a few more production parts and components, but thought that some of you might like to see what our new generator looks like in its current form.  A few things to note about the pictures below:

  • The finish on the black plastic is not the final look, production versions will have a matte finish similar to the Pocket Socket hand crank generator.
  • The feet pins are not the production versions, the production feet pins will be shorter and equal in length.
  • The white end caps on the crank and crank arm will be black not white.
  • Two types [Plastic (Black) and Metal (Silver)] of crank arms can seen in the pictures below; we’re testing both but plan to use only the aluminum crank arms in the production version.
  • Some of the hardware in the production version will be different than pictured below (if you have an eagle eye you might notice the bottom of a screw sticking out of the lower right leg in the first image, that screw will be shorter in the production version).

That said, check out the images below and don’t forget to let us know what you think on our facebook and twitter pages!  We will post a more formal announcement when the production version is complete and we have set a release date for the product.  To join the Power Box email waiting list, contact us and we’ll notify you by email when the Power Box is available for sale.

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