Instructions for Operating the Pocket Socket

Operating Instructions for The Pocket Socket
Step 1 After taking your Pocket Socket from its box remove the rubber band so that the arm and handle swing freely.

Step 2 Next, turn the handle of the arm 180 degrees so that it is facing away from the generator body. It should click in place. When brand new it will be stiff. Especially when rotating back into storage position. After some use/wear it will loosen up.

Step 3 Plug your charger into the socket on the Pocket Socket.

Step 4 Replace the rubber band around the Pocket Socket. The rubber band will help you grip the unit. You may also find placing the rubber band around the unit and your hand will help you grip the body of the unit.

Ensure you can safely rotate the arm of the unit without striking yourself, anyone else or any objects.

Step 5 Firmly grasp the body of the Pocket Socket with one hand and grip the knob on the end of the arm with the other.

Step 6 Rotate the arm in a circular motion to generate power.  You should crank the arm at a speed of at least two revolutions per second, fast is better. Initially you will feel some resistance, which will then lessen after a few seconds. If you feel the resistance increase again, it means you’ve slowed down and need to speed back up.