Standard Interface, Universal Compatibility

When we developed the Pocket Socket, our first generator, we had modern electronics in mind.  It was designed to be a general purpose generator with a standard interface; this way we knew it would be forward compatible with products in the future that didn’t exist when the generator was being developed.

Tablets are a good example of one such product. When the iPad came out our generator was already on the market.  We bought an iPad to test it with our generator and it worked like a charm.  The standard outlet interface on K-TOR generators meant we didn’t need any special tips or adapters to connect to Apple’s newly released product. Since almost every modern electronic device comes supplied with a 120v wall outlet charger that draws ~10 watts or less, the Pocket Socket is compatible with almost every modern electronic gadget.

This wide range of compatibility with our hand crank generator is further extended with the Power Box, our upcoming pedal power generator. Being able to pedal for long periods of time with the Power Box allows it to be used for more than limited/emergency use – it become a source of extended power. This extended cranking ability coupled with a higher power rating means the Power Box can be used to charge 12 volt batteries. Add an inverter to the battery and almost anything that the Power Box can’t charge directly can now be operated via the battery.

Upon the release of the Power Box we’ll update the website with more information regarding the advanced charging techniques listed above.

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