The Sprocket Socket

At the end of May, we featured a blog post about a group of students at the Pacific Collegiate School in Santa Cruz, CA, who were modifying a K-TOR® Pocket Socket for a high school project. As part of their final design project in their Intro to Engineering course, the team planned to mount our hand crank generator to a bicycle to charge devices like smartphones and tablets while riding.

Recently the students followed up to let us know the project was finished.  They were kind enough to share a few photos and CAD drawings with us, so without further ado, we introduce you to what this team calls the “Sprocket Socket”!

Congratulations to Nathan, Mattea and Cecelia, for successfully completing their project! We think they did a good job adapting our hand crank generator and mounting it to a bicycle to enable pedal power in motion.

Would you like to see a K-TOR® version of the Sprocket Socket in the future?

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