Update: Amazon 5000

Back in May we featured a post about K-TOR generators and the Amazon 5000 expedition led by Mickey Grosman.  Along his grueling, self sustained expedition across South America, Mickey expected to encounter many things.  The harsh environment, ragged terrain, dense pristine jungles and dangerous wildlife requires Mickey’s best survival skills as he lives off the land – taking only what he need and using only what he take.

The expedition officially got underway in Ecuador in late May with the launch ceremony being streamed live from the expedition’s livestream channel.  For the first part of his trek, Mickey heads inland from the Ecuadorian coast towards the Andes Mountains, the longest and second tallest mountain range in the world. In his blog Mickey has posted first hand accounts of what it’s like to cross this perilous and inhospitable terrain.

Most recently Mickey encountered and was kidnapped by a group Huaorani tribesmen and soldiers. Held hostage at gunpoint, Mickey and his team were able to use satellite communication equipment to contact the outside world. Via Facebook and social media the story spread.  After a night under guarded watch, Mickey and his team escaped in the middle of the night during their second night in capativity.  Having planned a rondevous with a vehicle on a nearby road, the team was successfully extracted from the jungle and welcomed in Rio Napo by government officials amongst others.

Mickey will restart his trip from a new checkpoint and finish the final leg in Ecuador as he looks towards entering Peru and the Amazon basin, the next stage of his expedition.

We’re glad Mickey is safe and we wish him the best throughout the rest of his journey!

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