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Human Power Generators FAQ

Pocket Socket Hand Crank Generator FAQs

How does it work?

A: Turning the hand crank on the Pocket Socket drives a generator inside the device creating electrical power. This power is converted electronically to 120 volts, the same voltage as a household outlet.

How much do you have to crank to use your device?

A: It is the same as plugging it in a socket at home. If you have a cell phone a couple of minutes cranking will allow you to make a phone call. One minute of cranking is equal to one minute of talk time. Other devices like rechargeable flashlights will have many minutes of use per minute of charging. This is determined by the charger. The Pocket Socket is more powerful than the charger so the charger determines the charge rate.

Can I use my cell phone or other electronic device while it is charging?

A: Yes. It is no different than using your device while it is plugged into a wall outlet.

How do I know it will work with my personal device and its charger?

A: Virtually every charger is compatible with the Pocket Socket. A cell phone, satellite phone (Iridium Satellite Phone 9505A), iPod, mp3 player, GPS, digital camera, camcorder, rechargeable light and flashlight, tablet, iPad and Kindle, and 60 W equivalent compact fluorescent light bulb have been successfully tested. Almost any charger that is less than the 10 watts will work. Laptops typically will not work. Cell phone chargers are typically 4.2 watts. To determine if your charger is less than 10 watts multiply the output voltage of your charger times the output current of your charger to find its power. This is written on the charger. Example 5V 850 mA (m is thousandths so this is .85) is 4.25 and within the 10 W capability of the Pocket socket. If you are unsure contact us, or try it. It should not be hard to turn and should indicate charging after a few seconds. If it is hard to turn do not force it as you could damage the Pocket socket.

My device charges from a USB, will it still work with the Pocket Socket?

A: Yes, all that is required is a USB outlet converter, which will allow your product to plug into the Pocket Socket. These are cheaply available at most electronics retailers.

How long will my Pocket Socket last?

A: This product has intentionally been constructed from durable materials. You should expect it to last for several years under normal use. It comes with a 1 year warranty. K-Tor® has a recycling program that provides very reasonable repair cost or replacement parts should it ever wear out.

Can I take my Pocket Socket on an aircraft?

A: Yes. It will have to go through the same screening as any electronic device, but contains nothing potentially dangerous.

Where are K-Tor® products made?

A: Our products are designed and manufactured in the state of Vermont. Components for the product are supplied from the U.S. and around the world. Over 70% of the manufacturing content is from the U.S.

Where does the power come from? Is it green, renewable energy?

A: The Pocket Socket converts the mechanical energy you apply by cranking the arm into electrical energy. It is completely green, renewable energy as it is user generated.