Instructions for Operating the Power Box

Converting from Storage Mode to Generator Mode
  • 1

    Unclip Pedals

    Unclip Power Box PedalsDetach both pedals by unclipping them from the plastic clips attached to the feet.

  • 2

    Remove Feet

    Remove Power Box FeetRemove the feet from the generator by pulling out the four feet pins and removing the generator.

  • 3

    Open Base

    Open Power Box BaseUnclip and remove the leg pin. Rotate the leg all the way around and re-insert the pin (stiff when new). Lock in place.

  • 4

    Attach Feet

    Attach Power Box FeetSeat the holes in the generator legs with the holes in the feet. Insert the feet pins to lock in place.

  • 5

    Attach Pedal

    Attach Power Box PedalThe right pedal is marked with an ‘R’ on the inside of the crank arm. Lift the locking clip and slide the locking disc to the unlocked position. Once unlocked, slide onto crank shaft.

    NOTE: There is a right and left pedal. It is important they go on the correct side or when pedaling the pedals will loosen and may become damaged.
  • 6

    Lock Pedal

    Lock Power Box PedalMake sure the pedal is fully seated on the crank shaft. With the pedal securely attached to the crank shaft, lock the pedal in place by sliding the locking disc into the locked position.

    NOTE: If the pedals are not in the unlocked position when slid onto the crank shaft, they will not fully seat or properly lock into place.

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to attach the left pedal. The power box is now in generator mode. To return to storage mode, follow the same steps in reverse.

Operating in Generator Mode
  • 1


    Setup Power BoxThe generator can be operated with two hands or two feet and should be spun in a forwards bicycle motion. Mounting holes in the generator feet can be used to screw down or stake down the unit for a more stable base. This is highly recommended.

  • 2


    Connect Power BoxConnect a compatible device and its charger directly to the outlet in the K-TOR Power Box pedal power generator. OPTION: You may also use an extension cord to connect the unit to your charger. More than one charger at a time may be used as long as the total power does not exceed the 20 Watt maximum rating of the pedal generator.

  • 3


    Ready for Power Box ChargePosition yourself, so that your hands or feet are directly over the generator. Apply downward pressure with feet (or hands) to help hold the generator in place.

  • 4


    Spin Power Box Pedals to ChargeCrank in a forward bicycle motion, accelerating quickly to 90 RPM (1.5 rotations per second) for full power and efficient operation.

Operating Summary
  • Make sure the pedals are on the correct crank shaft in the locked position
  • Pull on the cranks to ensure they are locked on the shaft and will not come off
  • Failure to lock the pedals on correctly will damage the unit
  • Ensure that the feet pins and base pin are fully inserted
  • Make sure the unit is on a flat stable surface, preferably screwed down
  • Verify that you have enough space to operate the generator
  • Check the cord to make sure it will not get caught while operating
  • Apply downward pressure on the pedals to hold generator in place
  • Accelerate quickly to full speed: 90 RPM (1.5 revolutions per second)