How do they work?

K-TOR® products convert mechanical energy from human cranking or pedaling to electrical energy that can be used to recharge batteries.

Mechanical Operation

You produce mechanical energy from your body eating food which fuels your muscles. This effort turns a hand crank or a pedal on our devices.

For our Pocket Socket hand crank generator you need to turn the hand crank two times per second. The biggest problem customers have is not cranking fast enough. We recommend you go as fast as you can and then slow down once continuous charging has been established to a slightly slower speed that still allows continuous charging. The hand over hand method is the best. Hold the unit with your hand up high inline with the rotating axis in the middle of your palm. This way there is the minimum amount of twisting in your hand and the least amount of force needed to hold it. Crank for at least three minutes and then take a break, change hands or have someone else crank and repeat.

The Power Box pedal generator should be cranked at 1.5 times per second. It is important that the base is stable for pedaling for long periods of time. We recommend screwing it down. There are four holes under the four pins in the feet for this purpose. If not screwed down you will need to provide downward force while using with the feet that are pedaling to keep the unit stable.

You should be able to pedal for long periods of time.

Electrical operation

K-TOR® products output 120 volts DC over standard AC outlets. They are designed to be used to charge a wide range of portable electronics such as cell phones, tablets, portable dvd players, cameras, etc. These devices use high efficiency modern DC to DC converters for their charger circuits and K-Tor uses the same high efficiency DC to DC technique to supply the high voltage DC they run on. These chargers do not have transformers in them and are lighter and work over a range of voltages.

The charger also needs to be less than 10 watts for the hand crank and 20 watts for the pedal unit. To determine the wattage, multiply the output of the charger volts times amps. If the charger reads ma this means milliamps so put a decimal point in front of the number. Five volts times 800 milliamps is five times .8 or 4 watts.

Plug your wall charger into your K-TOR® generator and crank or pedal. It provides ample power to the charger so the charger charges your device at the same rate as it would if plugged into a wall outlet.


If you have a dead cell phone, for example, it would bring it back to life so that you could make a call in a few minutes. To fully charge a cell from dead to 100% charged is over an hour. That’s a lot of hand cranking. We recommend three minutes at a time, take a break and repeat for 20-30 minutes a day. This will be enough to keep your cell working for extended periods of time.

Our Power Box pedal generator can be pedaled for long periods comfortably. So fully charging any device is possible.