Pedal Powered Generator – The Power Box

The Power Box was a 2011 CES Innovation Awards honoree in the category of portable power.

Universal Pedal Powered Electricity Generator

The Power Box is a pedal generator that can be used with your legs or arms. It generates electricity as you pedal, like on a stationary bicycle. Charge the batteries of a full range of portable electronics. Or, charge external batteries to power laptops and all kinds of appliances — either directly from the batteries or through an inverter. The Power Box has a universal outlet. It allows you to plug in chargers from anywhere in the world to charge your portable electronics. The Power Box is a great addition to emergency and survival kits.

Powerful and Versatile

The Power Box can produce up to 20 watts. It can directly charge a full range of portable devices. Because it is so powerful, it can charge more than one device at a time — like a smart phone and a tablet. Since it can be cranked for long periods of time comfortably, it can be used for higher power applications that it cannot charge directly. Simply charge an external battery and run your appliances, either directly from the external battery or through an inverter.

Small, Lightweight and Portable

The Power Box folds, in seconds, to the size of a shoe box — 12 x 5.5 x 3.5 inches. It weighs just 4 pounds, 11 ounces making it very lightweight and portable. It is smaller and lighter than an exercise bike. It provides similar cardio benefits. And it generates electricity.

Highly Efficient Design

The Power Box is designed to be very efficient. It converts the generator output to 120 Volts DC with 85% efficiency. 120 Volts DC is compatible with all switching chargers — the type used with all portable electronics, because they are also very efficient.

Any device with a switching charger of less than 20 watts will work with the Power Box. This includes all modern cell phones, smart phones and all Apple products.

The Power Box is great for emergency power and should be on your checklist for basic emergency survival kit supplies. For disaster preparedness, it belongs in every bug out bag and 72 hour disaster kit. Survivalists and Disaster/Doomsday/Armageddon Preppers view our pedal generator as a great addition to their survival kits. Add the Power Box to your list of survival supplies. Feel confident that you can charge devices and generate power in emergency situations — from an earthquake to the apocalypse.

  • Cell phones
  • Mobile radios (like hand-held ham and emergency radios)
  • Tablets
  • LED lanterns
  • GPS devices
  • Medical devices
  • MP3 and DVD players (to entertain when the lights go out)

And, you can use these devices while they are being charged.

Charge multiple devices at once — up to the maximum power of the Power Box — with a simple extension cord. See the Power Box Advanced Energy Generating Guide for more information.

The Power Box is also a great back up to solar power in case of prolonged periods of cloudy or stormy weather.

The Power Box can be used to charge small 12 volt batteries and keep essential electronics and small appliances running. It can also be used on-grid or off-grid as a back up to other sources of power. The Power Box has a keyed steel shaft. It can be powered by other devices like water, wind or any other power source, as long as it is not overloaded and doesn’t exceed 1.5 cycles per second.

The Power Box for Camping and Hiking

The Power Box is foldable, compact, and lightweight. And it has a small footprint. It is portable and can be carried anywhere. The size of a shoe box and less than 5 pounds, it can power all of your essential emergency electronics and the Kindle or tablet you’re using to keep a log of your trip.

Boating with the Power Box

The Power Box is a handy power source on a boat. It is an emergency power source. And, it will charge batteries for trolling motors or other needs.

Note: Shelter the main unit from water spray. It is totally enclosed, but not waterproof. The plastic and zinc coated steel are resistant, but the internal electronics should not be immersed in water.

The Power Box converts mechanical effort into electricity. So, it can be used as an arm or leg pedal exerciser that has a practical use as well. Think of it as a small stationary exercise bike with a dual purpose. It’s portable, compact, and folds to the size of a shoe box. You can use it at home, under the desk at the office, and while traveling. And, you can adjust the load to vary the resistance and fine tune your workout.

We tested the Power Box at various loads with a healthy male, age 59, with a resting heart rate of 60. These were the results:

LoadEquivalent DeviceHeart Rate (BPM)
5 wattsCell Phone70
10 wattsTablet80
15 wattsTablet & Cell Phone90
20 watts(full power)100

Remember, the Power Box involves exercise. It is your responsibility to be sure you are healthy enough to use it. If you have any doubt, consult your physician.

K-Tor is not responsible for any injury you sustain from using our devices.

The Power Box for Physical Rehabilitation

Many of our customers use K-Tor devices for physical rehabilitation. The hand crank charger, the Pocket Socket, and pedal generator, the Power Box, provide a simple form of exercise for arms or legs. The resistance is adjustable based on the load put on the generator.

Many K-Tor products are used in educational presentations and projects. For example, a comparison using incandescent, compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs is quite effective. You can see and feel the resistance and relative efficiency for these different illumination technologies.