Instructions for Operating Pocket Socket USB 1Amp

Pocket Socket USB 1Amp Operating Instructions
Step 1 Turn the handle 180 degrees so that it is facing away from the generator body. It will click into place.

Step 2 Plug in your USB cable for the device you want to power into the socket. Note: The Pocket Socket works with any USB powered device.

Step 3 You may use the enclosed Velcro strap to attach your hand to the body of the unit to make it easier to hold. It may also be used to attach the unit to a solid object like a table, chair or tree limb.

Step 4 You may hold the Pocket Socket in either hand and spin in either direction to generate electricity. The Pocket Socket can power devices with a standard USB up to 1 AMP and will generate electricity when you are spinning the crank are above the minimum rate.

Ensure you can safely rotate the arm of the unit without striking yourself, anyone else or any objects.

Step 5 Spine at a rate of at least 2 revolutions per second to begin powering your device or charger. Avoid frequent starts and stops. Charge for at least 3 minutes at a time.

K-Tor products are not intended for for use by persons, including children, with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capability, or lack of experience or knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of this product by a person responsible for their safety.

Children should be supervised to insure they do not play with this product.