Hiking 101

Cooking on the Trail

One of the most enjoyable things when hiking is cooking. You burn a lot of calories walking up and down mountains and so you need to eat a lot of calories. If you watch your weight, as most of us are these days, not having to count calories is a great feeling. As we mentioned […] Read more

Hiking Attire

by Ken Torino When you go hiking what you wear is an important consideration. As always, you must carry everything you bring so you will not have a different wardrobe for every occasion. We covered socks under boots in issue two. You will want two sets of socks. That means four thin pairs, not cotton, […] Read more

Food & Water – What to Take, What to Consider

by Ken Torino When you go hiking you will be burning a lot of calories so you want to make sure to bring enough food. Also eating out in nature can be one of the most enjoyable parts of hiking. In these modern days there are a lot of meals prepared especially for hiking. MRE, […] Read more

Your Feet, a Hiker’s Most Important Piece of Equipment

by Ken Torino When you are hiking you spend a lot of time on your feet so lets start there. If you are just starting out, you will be hiking in the summer. You will want a pair of hiking boots that will breathe. A lightweight pair is acceptable. But you will still want boots […] Read more

Hiking 101, Getting Started

by Ken Torino I have been hiking since I was 8. I first went hiking as part of a YMCA sleep away camp. Even though my first few hikes were all rained out I loved it. Being outdoors in the woods was freedom. Over the years I did more hiking. In High School, I would […] Read more