K-TOR Products

Designed and manufactured in America, K-TOR® portable power generators feature patented technology, unique to K-TOR® products, which enables the efficient conversion of human bio-mechanical energy into 120 volts (as from a standard wall outlet) for the Pocket Socket 2 and Power Box. For the Pocket Socket USB 1 Amp, the standard 5 volts. The Power Box 50 will use a standard automotive socket and put out 14 volts.

Human energy technology from K-TOR® is the new face of alternative energy. Complementing wind and solar technology, K-TOR® generators deliver sustainable, green power whenever you need it — regardless of the circumstances.

From power outages and storms to emergency communication and rescues, powering electronics is essential. Charge critical equipment and reach help in time with a K-TOR® portable power generator.

K-TOR® portable generators can be used to charge a wide range of devices for any situation. From entertainment and communications devices to lights, batteries, and emergency equipment. For more info on compatible devices, visit the Support Page.

If your battery goes dead and an outlet is nowhere to be found, a K-TOR® generator is the perfect backup energy solution. Both our pedal power generators and hand crank generators are able to bring an iPhone from fully dead to operational in just minutes!

Patented Technology

K-TOR® generators feature patented technology that enables the efficient conversion of human mechanical energy into an electric power source. Unlike any other technology available, K-TOR® generators output 120 volts of electricity via a standard outlet interface.

Made in USA

Designed, developed and manufactured in America (Vermont and North Carolina), K-TOR® products feature over 50% US content. We source the best components from all over the world to deliver a superior product to our customers.

K-TOR Quality

K-TOR® products are manufactured with high quality, durable materials. They are designed to operate efficiently and last for years.

A Universal Power Source

In many situations, access to electricity can be scarce or non-existent. K-TOR® generators provide an instant source of electricity via a standard electrical outlet interface. To prevent batteries from running low or dying in important situations, K-TOR® generators provide green energy that can go anywhere you take your mobile device!

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