Instructions for Mounting the Power Box

Mounting your Power Box to the Pedestal Accessory

  1. Assemble the power box according to the enclosed instructions (more info available at Our demo video on YouTube demonstrates how to set up and use the Power Box. It shows the location of the mounting holes and the proper orientation of the power box on the pedestal.
  2. Pull back each foot pin, one at a time, to access the mounting holes.
  3. Line up the mounting hole on each foot with the corresponding hole on the pedestal. Ensure the foot does not become unseated from the power box.
  4. Using one of the screws provided and a Phillips screwdriver (not provided) insert the mounting screw through the mounting hole in the power box foot and screw it into the pedestal. Do not tighten yet.
  5. Push the pin back in and repeat Step 4 for the other 3 screws.
  6. After all four screws are in, pull back the pins one at a time, and tighten the screws the rest of the way. Replace pins after each one is tight to keep the feet seated in the Power Box.
  7. When all four screws are tight, the Power Box it is ready for use.
Tips & Additional Info

It is best to use the mounted Power Box with the socket and flat side of the pedestal facing away from you. It also helps to place the unit against a wall, if one is available, to ensure the unit does not move during operation.

The Power Box and Pedestal accessory can be used in open space, but be sure it is on a non-slip surface so it won’t move.

The angle of the pedestal allows you to pedal while sitting in a chair or reclined.