Expeditions Using K-TOR Pocket Socket

K-TOR has recently started working with adventurers and explorers who spend a lot of time off the grid, in nature, often without motorized transport or access to electricity. It’s hard to say what’s more interesting – the people embarking on these expeditions or the epic journey’s themselves.

Currently, K-TOR is supporting a number of expedition teams who will be using the Pocket Socket as an energy source on their trips. The teams will use their K-TOR portable hand crank generator to charge their phones, cameras, satellite equipment, and other devices in a wide range of environments under potentially extreme conditions. Working closely with teams to understand their needs and the devices they want to power, K-TOR in turn receives valuable product feedback from the long-term field tests conducted by expedition members.  In the coming weeks we’ll be covering some of the trips people are taking the Pocket Socket hand crank generator on.

This week we’re featuring Mickey Grosman’s trip across South America.  He contacted us this spring wanting to learn more about what the Pocket  Socket could power on his trip.  Among other things, Mickey is using our hand crank generator to charge the Delorme inReach 2-way satellite communicator to stay in touch while he’s off the grid.  Here’s some more info about his trip:

Amazon 5000 Expedition – For The Cure
Caner survivor Mickey Grosman is embarking on a 5,000 mile expedition along the Amazon river and across the South American Continent. The Expedition route will have a historical flavor to it as Mickey will cross the continent from the Pacific to the Atlantic, over the extreme terrain of the Andes and down the Amazon river all the way to its Atlantic mouth; Tracing down and tracking the Legendary El-Dorado 1541 Voyage ran by the Spanish Francisco de Orellana – the man who discovered the Amazon and named it that way.

Backed up by his own collection of Historic maps and tales, written and spoken, Mickey will set out on an expedition of extreme challenge and adventure with dangerous elements of all kinds and shapes. Some of which Mickey is aware of and some are absolutely unknown and unpredictable since part of the land has not been explored or crossed by others since Orellana’s 1541 expedition. No one dared!!! The harsh environment, ragged terrain, dense pristine jungles and dangerous wildlife will require Mickey’s best survival skills to take place. He will live off the land taking only what he need and using only what he take. The expedition is projected to take 9 months.

Follow Mickey on his trip across South America! http://www.amazon5000.com

Stay Tuned

We’ll be updating the blog with reports from this and other expeditions.

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