K-TOR Generators Power Ham Radio Equipment

Last weekend K-TOR founder Ken Torino (KB1YAO) attended the 2012 ARRL Field Day, visiting Rev. Homer Harden (KD8LNU) and other members of the Northern Panhandle Amateur Radio Club in Eastern Ohio. One of the main goals for the ARRL Field Day is to conduct an emergency Ham Radio test.  We also wanted to verify that our generators were a viable back-up power source for Hams, so the Power Box and Pocket Socket were part of this test as well.  After arriving back in Vermont earlier this week, Ken debriefed us on the weekend’s events, overall it sounded like a very successful weekend.

For the emergency Ham radio test, Hams are supposed operate their equipment using emergency power (usually a 12 volt battery) and try to contact as many other Hams as they can.  At the Eastern Ohio Emergency Management Center Homer’s group was successfully able to operate their equipment under emergency power and were able to log 120 contacts ranging from as far away as Texas, Mississippi and Alabama.  (Their directional antenna was aimed south, which explains the contacts in those regions.)

Ken Torino (KB1YAO) and Rev. Homer Harden (KD8LNU) broadcasting during ARRL 2012 Field Day

Ham radio test complete, the next test would was to determine the effectiveness of K-TOR generators as a portable power source for Ham radio equipment.  The Pocket Socket hand crank generator was able to charge Ken’s handheld radio (pictured below) by plugging the charger directly into the socket on this hand crank generator.

Handheld radio can be charged by either the Pocket Socket or Power Box, the Power Box can also charge a 12 volt battery, a standard emergency power source for Hams.

The Power Box pedal power generator was also able to charge the handheld radio. Most importantly however, it was also able to charge the 12 volt battery. This is important because a 12 volt battery can be used to power so many different things in an emergency situation, including ham radio equipment. We will post more information about 12 volt battery charging with the upcoming release of the Power Box pedal power generator.

All in all the weekend was a successful demonstration in emergency preparedness. We hope the prepper’s out there are getting K-TOR generators with their radios. It’s reassuring to know you can operate your radio anywhere, anytime with a K-TOR generator’s.

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