K-Tor products have been taken on many expeditions, mountain climbing, safaris, across the Amazon and rowed across the Atlantic. They are ideal anywhere on the planet or on a camping trip.

The hand crank charger is very light weight and can be used to keep small devices charged such as cell phones, satellite and ham radios, and hand held walkie-talkies. Recharge digital cameras, UV water purifiers and any other portable devices you plug in at home.

Our foot pedal generator is light enough (under five pounds) and small enough (the size of a shoe box) to be carried anywhere. The advantages of a pedal generator are that it can be pedaled easily for long periods of time and it’s more powerful. It can be used to charge 12 volt batteries and run larger devices.

Use a small piece of plywood — 12 inches square — to screw it down. Or stake it to the ground if outdoors.

Whether it is going on an expedition or a camping trip to power your children’s game system or DVD player, power away from home can be indispensable and convenient.

Charging AA, AAA and CR123A Batteries

We are often asked for recommendations on products and applications. Many products themselves do not come with rechargeable batteries but take replaceable or rechargeable batteries. The most common sizes are AA, AAA and CR123A.

We recommend lithium batteries that are chargeable from a USB. Our hand crank USB model can be used or our pedal generator with a USB wall charger. The PS2 can also be used with a wall charger but the USB model is a better choice.