K-Tor Supports Hurricane Maria Disaster Relief Effort

We have had this fall an unprecedented series of Hurricanes effect the US and Caribbean. K-Tor is in a unique position to assist as the leading maker of Human powered Generators. We have had many orders from private individuals in the effected area. In addition, Late Friday afternoon Oct. 6 the Red Cross asked for all our stock as soon as possible. After a massive effort that weekend we had 1620 hand cranks and 240 pedal generators on four pallets ready to ship Monday morning which were air freighted to Puerto Rico. On subsequent weeks we shipped an additional 1980 hand cranks. K-Tor thanks the Red Cross for this opportunity to be of assistance and the several individuals who gave up their weekends and worked 18-20 hour days to make this possible.

We received a photo and feedback from an individual customer on the US Virgin Islands who has been without power for over a month and is shown charging his cell phone with our pedal generator.

Our best wishes to all those impacted by the recent spat of hurricanes and we hope for a speedy recovery.

Ken Torino

President K-tor

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Ken Torino

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