Off Grid

When living off the grid there are certain electronic devices that are valuable that you may not want to live without. Our hand crank can be used to charge a cell phone off the grid and other devices at the same power level on an ongoing basis. Our pedal generator is more powerful. It’s easy and comfortable to pedal for long periods of time hands free.

The problem being solved living off the grid is similar to that of the prepper, but rather than for a limited amount of time due to an emergency or natural event, it is long term. For this reason we lean stronger to the pedal generator, given that it provides more power and can be cranked for long periods of time.

With a 12 volt battery and inverter many devices can be powered daily. Depending on your system this may be used to operate a water well pump or furnace fan and electronics.

Look at our videos and K-TOR YouTube channel.

Also, especially read about preparedness. It includes a long narrative and example of how to run your furnace using a battery and inverter. The battery is, of course, rechargeable with our pedal generator.